Pre-final & Final year students

Career planning at the right time helps students in taking correct decisions about their future. We help pre-final year students make right choices by taking them through a methodical journey of self-discovery, knowledge of IT industry and relevant job profiles. For final year students, MavenGuru can help in making right career choices. Our asessments and industry standard baselines help you stand out in crowd and get noticed with hiring companies.

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  Graduates / Post graduates

If you have passed out of institute with a degree and either looking for a job or a guidence on next steps, MavenGuru helps you to solve all your queries. We help the graduates & post graduates who are looking for first job to start with a potential career and participate in MavenGuru sponsored hiring events.

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    Professional skills programs

MavenGuru also offers to the students a range of professional skill development programs that could help the students gear up for their campus interviews, company drives in a better way. To know more about the professional skill development programs of MavenGuru,

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  Training & placement

With a strong experience of IT industry and as an associate partner to software exporters association of pune, MavenGuru can help you in defining the placement strategy for your institute and reap maximum benefit of your available talent pool and resources.

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  Industry interaction cell

MavenGuru helps you in establishing a virtual industry in your institute. With the concept of IIC, MavenGuru uses its wide network of industry exposure to arrange internships, in-campus projects, industry connect events and seminars on various technical & business related topics. This increases the reach of your college within industry as well as exposes your faculty and students to latest trends in IT.

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  Students elevation

If you want to expose your students to next generation industry standards while they are studying and prepare them for the eventual rigors of IT industry, MavenGuru can assist in defining a training and assessment program for your students. The program enables the students to take ownership of their career decisions and prepare accordingly.

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  Aggregated campus hiring

If you are looking for reducing your campus hiring costs and increase the reach to multiple campuses, MavenGuru helps you in aggregating your campus requirements through a single interface and helps you reach your hiring target. With a connection with multiple campuses, MavenGuru offers you choice of pre-assessed and job-profile mentored students for your specific requirements.

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  Pre-screening & assessment

With a wide network of industry experts and mentors associated with MavenGuru, we can help you providing you pre-assessment services for all your lateral or management hiring positions. At MavenGuru, we understand that the cost of a bad hire goes beyond monetory loss, so we are keen to partner you and help you avoid the pain.

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  Academia connect

Through an ever increasing campus connect of MavenGuru, you can utilize our network to carry out brand promotion activities, company show & tell events, hosting pre-placement talks and creating student aspirations for your company.

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